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Bleach Personality Quiz!

This Quiz/Test is created to determine which character from the Bleach Anime series you most represent, it is not 100% correct so sometimes you might get a funny result, but its not supposted to set your life goals. Try to answer truthfully its more entertaining that way rather than just trying to get the character that you like which is just boring.

You can become 1 of 9 of the following characters:
Kon, Ichigo, Urahara, Orihime, Chad, Rukia, Ishida, Renji and a Hollow.

1. What is your Favourite Colour?


2. If someone was being attacked in an alley way, what would you do?

Bash the bastards head in
Be Heroic and say "take me, not them"
Walk up and rpove how macho I am
I wouldn't be near any alleyways, their scary
Pull out my .434 Casul and shoot the dude through the heart

3. If someone killed your best friend, what would you do?

I would devour them alive
I would sell my soul to learn to revive them
I would seek revenge on the perpitraor
I would plot vegeance
I would act tough, and cry on the inside

4. Whenever you fight, what is the reason?

To gain power to destory
To protect those I care for
To look good for the chicks
To show how super macho I am
For self defense only

5. If you were betrayed by someone close to you, what would you do to them?

I would hunt them down and toture them
I would kill them and their whole family
I would seek the truth
I would hit them then run away
They would cease to be my friend

6. If you could get 1 thing in life, what would it be?

Love & Peace
War and Destruction
Endless Money
Recognition from a Special Person

7. If you were being tourtured for information, what would you do?

I would go to the grave with the information
I'd use "True Lies" style and stab the guard in the eye
I'd be the one tourturing you, fool
Try to talk my way out

8. If you were ordered to kill your best friend or die, what would you do?

I would die with honour
I would pray to the lord in heaven for forgiveness, then kill them
How would killing them improve my situation?
Are they a terrorist?
Is that a Fly?

9. If your best friend was dying, and you could save them, but would die in the process, what would you do?

My entire Kon Plushie Collection
I would sacrifice my life for his
I would find another way! there is always another way!
I would turn to the Dark Side and find a way to make him live FOREVER!!
My Strength will save us both!

10. If you could gain imortallity, fame and power, what is the highest price you'd pay?

13 cents
Everything I care for
My Allegiance to my Country!
Nothing, Those are the path to evil
I would never consider such things

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